Stream of Consciousness [AX4]

Communications is something always different, it change according to the situations and with whom are u speaking. Working is group for a design project require a lot of time in meeting, this means that you will spent hours communicating, repeating and repeating the same stuff more than one time. You will speak not only about the project, but the most of the time is spent speaking about funny episode that someone had done the times before. With this intensity of work u will learn to understand what people is going to say before he open his mouth or you will start using the expressions often used by your mates. Especially in group has our, where everybody is an expat and the funny error in communication do not lack. In this situation is very likely that if you don’t know the name or the translation of something you will just start calling in a way, that obviously  if totally far from the original meaning, but doesn’t matter because the others in the group will understand and they will use the same word to express the same meaning. That will be the word to express something. This magic formation of language is only possible thanks the intensity that allow the generation of the right climate to let bloom a new language.  The inconvenient part of the intensity in communication is that it does not give u the occasion to check what you say or write as I’m doing in this blog.

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