AX3 Job Wallis Communication & Intensity

Intensity can effect communication in many ways. Some good, some not so good. We upped our intensity levels by using techniques such as five by fives and also brainstorming. These techniques utilise intensity to try and create fast ideation. Parameters such as short time frame allow participants to get their ideas flowing fast. We had to come up with a short TV advertisements in a short amount of time. This level of intensity allowed for spontaneity and fast ideas to be utilised. We also had to create models of our proposed site in a very short amount of time. Intensity allows participants to come up with many untested and unsorted ideas. Although all of these ideas may not make the cut in the final analysis but do allow for many ideas to be put forward. This process can be a lot of fun because people tend to drop the quality filter and let ideas flow.

Intensity can take form of time, communication and output.

Communication takes on a different form during periods of intensity. Many ideas need to be expressed. This can also take on a different level of difficulty when language and cultural barriers are introduced. Sometimes subtleties of communication can be missed and only the core comes through. Body language becomes more intense in times of pressure. Facial expressions are read to understand levels of intensity and we can adjust expectations and task assignments based on this type of feedback.

I found working with our Chinese friends we experienced different levels of intensity. We took responsibility for more of the ideation and creation of themes where as our architecture friends took more responsibility for the delivery of the designs. This meant that our intensity dropped off just before the delivery but their levels increased.


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