BX 1 Diversity and Communication

Diversity effects communication in myriad form.

Diversity of experience, ethnicity, culture, language, discipline, age and gender make for a wider array of creative ideas to draw upon. Individuals express themselves and their creativity based on their unique viewpoint of their world. When those individuals are combined in a team the diversity of thought and creativty is increased to the power of the number of individuals within that team. When those team members come from diverse backgrounds then this idea power is increased again.

This is not to say that this diversity does not come without challenges. Difference in background may also create barriers of language, preconception, assumption and acceptance. Though when we look at what barriers exist between us and others most people will aim to dissolve these to great greater communication. We come together over what connects us and then learn to bridge differences.

Communication methods may differ from diverse backgrounds so exploring these differences is revealing in and of itself.

Methods that worked for us today were 

language translation, 

finding common life themes (food, family and passions)



Communication is shaped by languange, common ground, familiarity, intimacy, humour and shared experience.

Numerous modes of communication develop, gestures, changes in complexity, simplification, finding essentials, descriptions. We sometimes find that subjects that are banal amongst closer friends and associates are revealing and bonding with others.”Do you have pets?”

Collective creativity is enhanced by diversity as groups share others expereience, findings and insights.

In relation to our site diversity has influenced our communication enabling greater penetration of issues. Diversity of experience and culture has enabled our Chinese friends to deliver to us investigative outcomes  regarding our site that would not have been available to us. Max was able to overcome as much possible language barriers by use of translation. Our background in design thinking enabled us to assist our team members in feeling more at ease with rapid ideation. Their expereinces led us to feel more in touch with the site.

The progress of our team has and will be challenged by our diverse backgrounds but with greater diversity of backgrounds also comes greater diversity of problem understanding and solutions.

Typically communication improves amongst team members as they come to a greater understanding of each others and begin to empathize.

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