BX5 Job // How is communication affected by diversity?

Communication is effected by diversity in many ways. The obvious effect is language barriers. These language barriers may be linguistic but could also be professional terminology, cultural communication methods and also communication subtleties.

Different disciplines might communicate in different ways for example architects will often communicate via drawings where as engineers might communicate with tabular data. Coming to grips with these different methods can be challenging but also refreshing. I find that I often work with drawings when working with designers and i find this more fun than verbal communication. There are numerous forms of communication that each individual will mix together to create an effective dialogue. New forms of communication such as 3D design are becoming more prevalent. Everyone understands pictures so this is very effective thought not everyone understands how to create using these tools so some might feel inadequate or even slowed down by a process that can be involved.

Which communication method predominates is an interesting question. Verbal communication is generally the starting point. Some may feel more confident with particular forms of communication and will generally default to these methods.

Various blockages were experienced in our communication as a result of our diversity. These were overcome by experimenting with various forms of communication and working with what people are feeling comfortable with.


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