CY2 State Change & Representation Job Wallis

Moving between states extends the boundaries of our experience and ideas in ways as far and wide as the state changes experienced.
Representation is effected by state change in as much as our perceptions are shaped by different experiences and the way they are communicated (represented)

We witness changes in styles and/or methods of representation when we change states. We move from ideation and curiosity to questions to translated interview to written and/or recorded word to discussion to poster to presentation and back to more discussion. These discussions will result in more lines of enquiry and further ideation. It is amazing to think of the path way of ideas. Ideas are powerful and dynamic. This dynamism is amazing to actually track throughout days like this. 
Representations that came as a surprise today included translation, model editing, photo gaffs, model creation and translation errors.
The major state change in representation that hit me today was my change in perception of class differences in China when explained to me by a local. The fact that residents will not mix with factory workers was a shock to me in what i (naively) thought was an egalitarian society.
The collective creativity of our team has evolved to appreciate each other model making, translation, language and clarity of skills.
Today during our interviews understanding changed throughout the process of watching, listening, and translation. Making sense of the conversations that took place through conversations changed based on the translation received.
Today i experienced more convergence than divergence based on fact finding.
Tonights presenations seemed to be converging on facts and truths and confirmations that seemed to paint a reality of the situation which contrasted with earlier ideation and outlandish technology speculation.

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