How is ideation affected by diversity BZ4 Job Wallis

Ideation is effected by diversity in many ways. Various forms of ideation will be more acceptable to some cultures rather than others. Brainstorming was not such a familiar experience to our Chinese friends though they warmed to this process with a small amount of encouragement.

Diversity of culture, background and demographics is good for ideation as it will generate a more diverse set of ideas. I love to work in diverse teams as this generates a greater set of ideas. When different ideas come together they can be mashed together. This fires off new ideas that did not exist before. Hyrbid ideas like this are very satisfying for me because they come out of the process of generating ideas within a diverse set of participants. These ideas would not be borne of individuals working alone.

Linguistic diversity can hamper ideation due to language barriers. Often simplification or translation is needed. This can also be a benefit as it requires rephrasing of a concept that in itself can fire off new ideas. Ethnic diversity of ideas can also create a larger set of concepts though this may require more work to work toward a common understanding and an agreed upon result. It was interesting in China working with Aishlee who was from Mongolia. It was noted that she thought a little bit differently from her Chinese counterparts. This was good to see diversity of thought amongst the Chinese students.

There was tension in our group between male and female members at times feeling that they were not being heard. This mixed with different cultural back grounds to create a challenging issue.


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