Value Conflict [BZ5]

Ideation is something that Is totally affect by diversity. If in a group everybody has the same point of view there will be no discussion and no sharing of values form different profession.  I our ideation process we discussed a lot about the what should have been our design concept because  each of us was caring more of some aspect. All this aspect must be included in the project to get a god and reasonable project. There was who was caring more of the value and selling point, maybe because she was supposed to write the business plan of the project…  There was who was thing about the technological aspect and how our shapes can fit with an Ipad… and in the end there was three industrial designer  that where only pointing to that the project was an object. All this different point of view, also if maybe driven by mere practical purpose, brought to the concept such a good complexity and interesting values that was difficult they would have come out from a mono-disciplinary group.

As example I’m posting the summary of the name ideation in which there was people that wanted to be strong and remarkable but in the same time someone bring the fear to not be professional with some names. Or the possibilities that the name was totally not liked with the values of the project.


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