Aliens Aboard. Challenging the claims of multi-, trans- and inter- | Mash+Up #2

Mixed teams make for better innovations. Is that so? What are the new models of successful interdisciplinary teams? Under which circumstances can different disciplines contribute to better solutions? What are the limits of mixed design teams?
Tues 10th July
6pm Drinks
6.30pm Start
7.45pm Finish

Mash+Up is a weekly debate where the audience responds to three fast-pace speakers challenging the role of design in innovation.

This week we welcome provocateurs:
   Micky Du / Creative Director
   Anita Morandini / Candalepas Associates
   Steve Baty / Meld Studios

Mash+Up aims to foster a hotbed of collective inquiry and build discourse around the increasing importance of design and openness in innovation. Taking place each Tuesday night as the platform the GROUNDBREAKER collective, June 27 –  August 17th 2012 at Object Gallery, Surry Hills.


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