UTS:CI Labs, Series 1 15???19 July | Creative Futures, Deep Dive and Catalyst

U.lab supports the UTS Creative Innovation Labs Creative Futures and Catalyst


The CI Labs are orgnised by UTS:Creative Innovation and the Creative Industries Innovation Centre. The main program runs for four full days. Each day includes morning and afternoon sessions. Participants will choose one of three distinct Lab streams, and remain in that stream for the week. Those in the Catalyst stream, which only runs for two days, are encouraged to attend the morning sessions on the other days as well.

Creative Futures lab: Monday, 16 July – Thursday, 19 July

Creative Futures introduces and explores design thinking as an innovation method. Combining approaches found in design and ethnography, with technology and business skills found in strategic and innovation management, Creative Futures will offer a hybrid approach for idea generation and innovation. Current economic conditions have taught us that we need fresh ideas and perspectives, which can only be achieved by thinking in new, broad and integrative ways. And these good ideas and new perspectives require a chemistry of their own. At the Creative Futures lab, we will create an environment that nudges and blurs the traditional boundaries of ’design teams’. We will encourage you to use entrepreneurship, interdisciplinary thinking and experimentation to solve the problems of the future. You will use rapid pace ideation and prototyping to bring new ideas and thought styles into their innovation process. Creative Futures lab directors are Dr Joanne Jakovich, Dr Wayne Brookes, Dr Melissa Edwards

Catalyst lab: Tuesday, 17 July – Wednesday, 18 July

Catalyst focuses on how to use the practice and principles of design and language to frame and shape strategy-driven business initiatives. In the first afternoon session, clarity of purpose is the goal. We will concentrate on building a proper definition of the problem space, using real-world challenges identified by the participants. The second afternoon session concentrates on the design methodologies required to turn that ‘purpose’ into a reality. Along with the specific tools presented throughout the course, participants will discuss the challenges inherent in leading change and innovation initiatives inside an organisation unwilling or simply unable to break from rigid habits and thinking, and bad behaviours. Creative Futures lab directors are Maureen Thurston and Dr Jochen Schweitzer.

Check out the amazing program.




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