Designer vs World [CY3]

Even if we come from 5 different state and cultural background the big difference in the representation is due to the our professional back ground. Michi uses bullets point, but may be this is due because drawing chart or clouds with word is totally impossible. Or better you can but u will spent more time running behind the word going everywhere than the effective time in the creation process. Kris, Rachael and I no. we are designer and by definition we are fuzzy and messy, we don’t have  any consequence in are think flowing and we are used to clouds that are more suitable to a brainstorming and making connections.

This is not really something that helps the creativity, on the contrary it’s a break to the process because every time we have to managed to different style of representation and more than once do a sort of translation between the design crazy thinking to the more ordinate and sequential thinking from IT and Business. For example every time we have a group meeting Michi try to make a written record of what we decide, but suddenly a blog notes or a piece of paper (usually already used and reused) and from the Word file on Michi’s computer we are looking and observing what someone is sketching.

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Brainstorming [AZ2]

Creativity process is based on the sharing of the idea the and the free development of the mate’s suggestion. Since I started working in group I could have noticed an completely different intensity in the idea generation. If you work with other people you can have the hints necessary to going on in the process. It’s impossible think that a single man can have the same amount of idea or illumination without having an exchange of opinion, without going on building on the mate suggestion. But of course a group brain storming require an extremely high intensity and concentration, everybody should be active and open to the thinking flow of the discussion, must not broke the rhythm and follow the stream. A certain intensity of thinking is absolutely necessary because each brain work in a different way and it require time to get everybody on the same wave length. Anyway, also when the brains are active and completely working, this processes, unless you are lucky,  take a while to find the right direction. In this phase it’s likely that the idea generated could be banal and common. But with the right intensity and the right atmosphere the idea will start flying and crazy stuff will be generate. In this moment the intensity reach the maximum. Then is time to get concrete and links between common and crazy  are generated to create an final innovative idea.


From All Over The World

Before I came here in Sydney to study I was expecting to have some problems of communication because , you know, you study 10 years a English and you learn how grammar works, but you never really use it describe a project or a creative thinking and you miss all the small the shades of the language that can really change the meaning of the projects. Actually when I came here was exactly like this. I found an English that is not the one I studied, at least only the grammar, and sometimes I cannot really understand everything, but I go on because the intensity is high and doesn’t matter I’ll understand by the context. Luckily we are not only Australian!! The diversity saved me!! I’m not the only one who has to take huge reflection pause to finish the sentences with the right meaning. When the spoken communication is not enough I help my idea with gestures. Yep. I’m Italian. But in the first time my team didn’t understand my body use of the hands and laughed at me, but now there learned, and as lot of small Italian their hands.


Anyway in our team there is everything Australia, Europe, Asia and Middle East, Design, Business and IT. We are a cluster of culture and background, everybody bring something, speaks and think in a different way… but this is the opposite of a problem. The first night we met the topic generation we spent more time repeating the same stuff than taking the real decision but in the end I was really satisfied because in that case the diversity in language and background generated lots of improbable connection and may point of view. 




Diverse Communication


Diversity can affected communication in different ways.  Diversity in our group is caused mainly because we came from different countries. Therefore we have different languages, culture and thinking styles.  

Firstly because most of the people in our group have different languages, communicating in English can be difficult. In order to communicate better we often use sketches, picture, and diagram to communicate better. In time this is has became our preferred ways of communicating.


In addition we have different culture so at first it was difficult to communicate. For example some culture prefer face to face meeting while other don’t mind meeting online.  Additionally some cultures like to communicate short and concise, while other tend to spoke at length. Moreover in some cultures they are very polite and dislike argue, while other doesn’t mind arguing.


Furthermore we have also different thinking styles. It can affect our view on a certain ideas. So it complicates our communication and prolongs our work. However it can also make us to see an idea from different perspective. Therefore we are able to come up with a unique and original ideas.

Our preferences methods of communicating is by using different media to express our opinion and media. For example we often use sketches, diagram and pictures.


Because using this methods of communication our skills and knowledge in communication using different media is increased. We discover new types of media to communicate. In addition some media is better at communicating a certain types of messages. For example diagram can be useful to communicate complex ideas instead of just using words.


The Chemistry Between


In our group intensity can be an important factors in building group chemistry, generating ideas and visualizing ideas. In my opinion intensity can became an important factors in our group to be able to come up with good result for our project.

Firstly regarding the chemistry as group. Our group chemistry build on the intensity of us communicating, discussing and working with each other. With each time we meet our chemistry getting better. For example because each of us came from different countries at first communicating is difficult. However each time we meet we learn to communicate not only using verbal language but also by using other media such as drawing and diagram. This methods seems to work therefore it became our ways of communicating.

In addition intensity can be important when we are trying to generate an idea. This is because idea generation came from a series of process. Therefore the more intense the idea generation were trying to build based on a wide range of ideas. Then narrowed it down into a certain ideas, make us to come up with good idea. However this intensity can also bring forth a dispute in our group because of the pressure.  


Further more intensity helps to visualize our idea. To build on an idea, because we have difficulties at communicating ideas often to communicate an idea we have to explain more than once with different media. Therefore made an idea viewed from different ways and allowed for the person to understand the idea better. It also allows for an idea to be thoroughly analyzed by others. In addition to come with a good representation we don’t always succeed at our first attempt. Often we build from one representation and improve it. For example when we design our logo, it came from several ideas about the name, design of the logogram and also logotypes. The intensity of our work allowed us to come up with a good logo for our projects



Bridging Communication Gap


Intensity can have a major effect on communication in several ways, such as building the level of communications, and styles of communication.


Firstly, our group have different members from different countries, so at first communication can be an issue. However our communications get better as we spend more time to meet, discuss and work on our projects. In addition, our groups are able to develop a suitable ways of communications by using diagram, sketches and picture. Chatting online has also been one of our ways of communicating. Additionally, the communication slowly transform from only using verbal languages into using different medias to express our messages, ideas and opinion. However sometimes we can have difficulties, because we often met after hours. For example some of the breakdown can happens when we already feel exhausted from our daily works or studies. In addition, when we can agree on one issue we have long discussion even arguments and even deadlock.


Parkour principles and space


In our project, we try to bring the parkour principles to normal office, but as we know, the work office is a wide range, such as rest room, work space, meeting room, corridor, lifts, and balcony and so on. So we realized that we cannot put the principles in all the work office. I thought when people active in the creative ways, they also need to keep the work efficiency. I afraid that our shapes are so playful that would influence the concentrations. But other group members had the different opinions, they believed that we should put the parkour principles into the meeting rooms, because people need creative ideas when they are meeting and discussing. Maybe because the different structure of companies in our countries, we had the diversity. At that time, the place where we sat was full of people who having the dinner. Because of the temptation of food and exhausted state, this diversity became more and more serious. At last we break up in discord. After this meeting, I thought all of us did the self-examination. In my opinion, we should learn more about how to deal with the divergency.