Teamwork, Intensity and a Microphone



“Unforgettable in every way and forevermore that’s how you’ll stay.”

Unforgettable, Irving Gordon


What a crazy week; one of the most intense and rewarding of my life! It was challenging on so many levels; culture shock, exhaustion, language barriers, the quarry and its’ devastation, the food and its’ revelation; our group and its’ disappearing team members. But in the end, it all came together, as it always does.

By the time I had been to the crazy print shop and back (complete with indoor spitting) Ahmad had whipped up a website for our proposal: So cool!

I was proud of our pitch; I think it really embodied so many of the design thinking principles I have learnt in U.lab. Sadly, I don’t think it was as successful with the local delegates for the same reason. Perhaps they could have benefited from a stoker…

Sigh – what a relief! Well done to all the teams, I think we all succeeded in transforming our challenges into achievements and it was so great to sit on the lawn and sip that evening beer and celebrate! What a delightful way to end the week, with the sun shining and a feathered hacky-sack tapping from toe to toe.

Of course it did not end there… Several rounds of dumplings and beers later we ended up at KTV – karaoke extravaganza in Dalian city, complete with mirrored corridors and uptight bouncers patrolling them; a crazy place to top off a crazy week, and disgrace ourselves in the comfort of our own private concert hall.

Thank you to everyone who participated in Co-opolis. A special thanks to the girls that made me feel so welcome: Ashily, Cindy, Adele, Yaya, Betty and Xanadu. I can’t wait to see how Sydney blows your minds in the same way that Dalian did for me!