From Community Building to RIDE SHARE

After six weeks of intense workshops, our group has made some tremendous progress in designing entrepreneurial solutions for a ride share concept in Sydney. We have used the design thinking process and completed the prototyping stage as you can see in the video.

The following booklet explains the detailed information on our journey so far as well as the business model canvas. There is a lot more work to be done in next six weeks and our goal is to get this concept running.

We would like to thank everyone especially the bike tank participants for your continuous support and feedback and would highly appreciate some comments on our video and the booklet.

Jigar, Nathan, Evan, Jess and Keda

BikeTank 3 @u.lab

At BikeTank 3 the student teams presented various prototypes and encouraged all guest thinkers to provide feedback and brainstorm further attributes and features.  

Community Building Project – POV and Problem Statement

How humankind adapts to a changing physical and social environments is shaping as the fundamental challenge of the 21st century. Particularly in urban settings, where quality of place is tempered with environmental pollution and weak community connections. The success of Bike Tank to date has proven there is a desire amongst the community to limit personal environmental footprints and strengthen community networks.

With busy lifestyles Sydneysiders are increasingly struggling to connect with community and build human relationships.  Previous Bike Tank sessions have highlighted the critical importance of fostering community connections, while also proposing the challenges in bringing strangers together. Instead of making people forgo or adjust their busy schedules, what if a concept can adapt a mundane, everyday activity into an environmentally friendly human socialising opportunity?

As other societal barriers have broken down, there is a significant opportunity to change mindsets. Deconstructing the stranger and creating the companion. With technology at the heart of this evolution we can bring individuals together to make a real difference.  

Point of view statement: The point of view of urban commuters often consists of long, lonely journeys. Many people want to socialise and are increasingly conscious of the mounting monetary and environmental costs. Despite this, commuters drive regularly with empty seats in their vehicle, unwilling to share car journeys with strangers.

Problem statement: The problem is how might we change perceptions in the community to enable car journey sharing amongst commuters.

BikeTank 1 – group presentations on Vimeo

At BikeTank 1 we discussed Sydney urban issues and challenges. This is a summary by group members of what has been discussed and how we might address these issues. We will continue from here @ BikeTank 2


BikeTank ‘Shared Identity’ from u.lab on Vimeo.

BikeTank ‘Building Community’ from u.lab on Vimeo.

BikeTank ‘Green Ring’ from u.lab on Vimeo.

BikeTank ‘Spatial Activism’ from u.lab on Vimeo.