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Day 5


[CW5] I found that state change allowed me to rely on my basic values or traits. Because I was out of my regular comfort zone, somehow I always tried to hold on to what I knew well, especially when there were deadlines and short time frames.  


Therefore, I found that our team’s strengths and weaknesses were portrayed and presented. Weaknesses included panic, frustration, confusion, shyness, and no time management. Our strengths were the opposite of each, luckily, like calmness, fun, focus and clarity, confidence and good time-management. We made the team dynamics work well in the end, as each team member brought in his or her fundamental selves to the table. I thought whatever we presented and however we pitched this day was a correct image to how our team operated.  


So while this state change intensified our traits, our exaggerated selves were portrayed on the last day. Our exaggerated ideas and creative factors were squeezed out of us, and during presentation, we linked everything together. The progress was faster than before, as we had to rely on our strengths in times of intensity and in an environment we were not accustomed to. Normally, these types of projects take weeks! In fact, on presentation day, I found myself caught by surprise.