From public markets to Live Hive

The third Bike Tank was the opportunity for the ‘Share Identity project’ to test its assumptions on potential users and presents its first prototypes.

BikeTank 3 @u.lab

At BikeTank 3 the student teams presented various prototypes and encouraged all guest thinkers to provide feedback and brainstorm further attributes and features.  

Share Identity Project – POV and Problem Statement

Amazing work last Tuesday at BIKE TANK Sydney: our table worked on the Share Identity Project, and hosted 11 creative minds: Service Designers, Architects, Business students… we all shared our insights about the idea of a socially-convinient Public Market.
In a record time of 5 x 5 min (including brainstorming, identifying issues and refining solutions) the team came with a 2min fiction in which ‘Frank’ (our typical user) decided to go to this new kind of Public Market to find not only goods, but also services like bike fixing, and recipes sharing, etc.
Since then, the students enrolled in the class pushed the project a step further, giving it a clearer definition while refining the structure and concept.

Point of View: Most neighbors in Sydney’s suburbs do not talk to one another.

Problem Statement: How might we give neighbors a CHANCE to talk to one another, and a SPACE to host these relationship?

Next Tuesday at BIKE TANK we’ll be able to show you some prototypes of a potential solution and lead the project one more step further.
Feel free to come Tuesday 6th at 7.50am and join our table. Remember you can also join any other project hosted at u.Lab if you want to help other realisation!
Hope to see you on Tuesday!

BikeTank 1 – group presentations on Vimeo

At BikeTank 1 we discussed Sydney urban issues and challenges. This is a summary by group members of what has been discussed and how we might address these issues. We will continue from here @ BikeTank 2


BikeTank ‘Shared Identity’ from u.lab on Vimeo.

BikeTank ‘Building Community’ from u.lab on Vimeo.

BikeTank ‘Green Ring’ from u.lab on Vimeo.

BikeTank ‘Spatial Activism’ from u.lab on Vimeo.