Spacial Activism – 2CLOSE

Our group has encountered subsequent refinements to our problem statement, point of view statement, prototype and business model brought about by feedback in various stages of the design thinking process. For this, we’d like to thank the participants of ‘Bike Tank’ that have contributed a significant amount of this feedback as we tested our ideas and prototypes.

We are aware that there is more work to be done and more ideas to be shared for us to further refine our idea, and come up with the final product.  Feel free to leave your  comments and suggestions after going through this post.

The following are images of our research booklet, which captures the story of 2CLOSE, and how it came about.  Kindly take the time to go through the booklet and be informed of our mid-semester status, which we will develop even further throughout the semester.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you in the coming ‘Bike Tank’ sessions.

– Rose, Jim, Chang, Daniel & Emil

BikeTank 3 @u.lab

At BikeTank 3 the student teams presented various prototypes and encouraged all guest thinkers to provide feedback and brainstorm further attributes and features.  

Spatial Activism Project – POV and Problem Statement

The city of Sydney’s infrastructure continues to experience pressures brought about by various changes we currently face.  These changes have been apparent in Sydney’s evolving; culture, economy, climate, technology and developments. 

The prevalence of traffic to and from Sydney is a testament to the lack of updated infrastructure to sustain these changes.  Despite this, people are often obliged to take their cars and bear with the traffic because it still turns out to be more convenient than public transport. 

By providing a safe and efficient mode of transport to individuals who do not want to use large vehicles on their own, we can alleviate the tension in Sydney’s roads and environment.  By providing people with an alternative, we empower them with choice and support them as they adapt to these changes in urban composition. 

Point of View statement: From the point of view of a driver that uses a car by himself/herself: “I want a safe, fuel & cost efficient way that gets me to where I want to go in a way that is timely & comfortable.”

Problem statement: There is a need for a safe and efficient mode of transport for individuals who do not want to use large vehicles on their own.  

Rose, Jim, Chang, Daniel & Emil


BikeTank 1 – group presentations on Vimeo

At BikeTank 1 we discussed Sydney urban issues and challenges. This is a summary by group members of what has been discussed and how we might address these issues. We will continue from here @ BikeTank 2


BikeTank ‘Shared Identity’ from u.lab on Vimeo.

BikeTank ‘Building Community’ from u.lab on Vimeo.

BikeTank ‘Green Ring’ from u.lab on Vimeo.

BikeTank ‘Spatial Activism’ from u.lab on Vimeo.